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Scotty: Power of Work

Scotty changed his life through the “Power of Work” after enrolling in Goodwill’s CRC Program. He is pictured above as a guest attending a 100 Black Men of West Texas event. Click on Scotty’s photo to see him in a CRC Class video.

Scotty came to Goodwill and shared his story of obtaining his first job at the age of 41, after a history of working the streets to “make fast money.” After being released from prison for the second time, he said he was absolutely determined to make a better life for himself and make his family proud.

He connected with Reggie Dial, Executive Director at East Lubbock Resident Owned Business Initiative, who began mentoring him on improving his life.  Scotty was hungry for guidance in order to change.  He landed a job driving for Citibus and was working overtime and picked up shifts but was interested in making higher wages.  When he approached his employer about advancement opportunities, they referred him to Goodwill’s Career Resource Center program (CRC). The program provides Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced computer classes and other employment development training classes that gave Scotty the tools to pursue a promotion.

Scotty began the CRC program by attending the walk-in computer skills training center and phone bank in his time off from work.  He learned to type and increased his familiarity with digital skills until he could enroll in one of the evening computer skills courses to work around his current employment hours. While taking computer skills class, he worked closely with a CRC employment specialist to self-identify his unique barriers to employment in order to find solutions to overcome them and to set employment goals. He also practiced interview skills, talking without using street slang and creating a resume. Upon computer class completion, CRC staff presented Scotty with a certificate of continuing education credits from Goodwill’s partner, South Plains College.

When an opportunity arose within Citibus for a promotion to the dispatcher position Scotty desired, he worked with CRC staff to fill out an application and after turning it in, received an interview request. Scotty’s hard work and dedication paid off and he earned the promotion. Since that time, Scotty has continued building his self-confidence and completed the goals he sets. He says he does not regret going the extra mile needed to fulfill his dreams.

Earlier this year, Scotty’s hours were cut due to issues arising from the economic impact of COVID-19 on the company he worked for. Scotty kept his job, but also secured two part-time positions with other companies – one was with the U.S. Postal Service. Impressed with his work ethic, the Postal Service offered him a full-time position with a hefty raise and benefits and that is where Scotty is currently employed.

Goodwill is extremely proud of Scotty’s success and invited him to be a guest speaker for the CRC Career Exploration and Work Ethics specialty class. Attendees comment on how they are motivated by hearing Scotty’s story of overcoming his barriers to employment through his determination to change his life through the CRC program and reaching employment goals.

Scotty says he is doing additional outreach in the community to motivate others to change their lives through the power of work. His mentor, Dial, invited him as a guest to 100 Black Men of West Texas event and now Scotty says he attends their annual event to contribute in any way he can. He says feedback continues to inspire him to speak to others in the hopes he can help them break away from life on the streets and reach for a better life. He said he was recently told, “Now Scotty, you can come out from stooping in the dark, to standing tall in the light.”

Congratulations and well done, Scotty Scott. You are a success. You did it!”

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