Career Resource Center

Services and Programs at The Career Resource Center (CRC) are offered at no charge in both Lubbock and Amarillo. The centers have resumed face-to-face training and some services are also offered virtually.

Levels of Classes

The Career Resource Center encompasses free services including Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced computer skills classes. Other Employment Development Training opportunities and Career Enhancement Seminars relevant to successfully competing in today’s job market are also offered.

Virtual Classes & Testing

​​Goodwill offers an online tool to evaluate skill level in Word, Excel & PowerPoint. Upon enrolling in virtual classes, participants will have the opportunity to Learn to Zoom and choose from a variety of employment development seminars and additional tools to present results on a resume and during a job interview.

Education Credits

Continuing Education Credits will be earned through a partnership with South Plains College upon successful completion of the following computer courses: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. Call one of Goodwill’s Career Centers to get started.
(806) 744-0440 in Lubbock or (806) 331-6890 in Amarillo.


Virtual Classes & Testing

Many Career Resource Center Services are available virtually. Computer Skills Classes, Employment Development Classes, Career Enhancement Services, Learn to Zoom & more!

Questions about Services?
Please Visit or Call:

Lubbock Career Resource Center
6520 University, Suite 11
Lubbock, Texas 79413
(806) 744-0440

Amarillo Career Resource Center
1904 Bell Street
Amarillo, Texas 79106

(806) 331-6890

Cost is FREE!

The Career Resource Center Program (CRC) is offered AT NO CHARGE in both Lubbock and Amarillo.

Click on City Below for a Calendar of Virtual and In-person CRC classes:

Career Resources


Need a Job? We can help you prepare.

In today’s job market, employers often require employees to accomplish many of their normal, daily duties by way of a computer.  Many jobs require basic to advanced computer skills. Goodwill Industries of Northwest Texas offers participants the chance to learn essential workplace skills.

Goodwill’s basic course is designed to be user-friendly, specifically for people without computer experience or who have minimal computer skills.  For those with basic computer knowledge, the intermediate class might be a good fit. Advanced classes are available for those seeking to sharpen their computer knowledge and further develop Excel skills.  Call 806-744-0440 to schedule an assessment for computer class placement. All classes are free and will provide training to compete in today’s work environment, and help grow an individual’s career to the next level.


What do the classes cover?

  • ​Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Computer Skills
  • Windows Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Suite
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Internet and E-mail
  • Resume writing
  • Interview skills
  • Life Skills

What are Career Enhancement Seminars?

CRC also offers Career Enhancement Seminars to the public at no charge to prepare for entry in the workforce or to enhance their current employment, including: 

  • ​​Learn to ZOOM – The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we conduct meetings and job interviews; this is a vital skill.
  • Excel “Tools You Can Use” – Introduces job seekers to Excel and reviews commonly used features.
  • Tools for the PowerPoint User – Instructs professionals on how to create custom presentations and make them unforgettable.
  • Outlook “Tips You Need To Know” – Introduces job seekers to Outlook and acquaints them with commonly used features.
  • Introduction to Word – Introduces job seekers to Word and acquaints them with commonly used features.
  • Multi-Generational Workforce – Today’s workforce is the most generationally diverse, having 5 generations working side by side.  Gain insight in how to successfully play in this multi-generational sandbox.
  • Soft skills –  Did you know many employers place greater value on soft skills, like conflict management, than on technical skills?  Learn the interpersonal skills that will give you the competitive edge in your career.
  • Enhancing Teamwork – Be a successful part of the team.  Learn how to identify and build upon your unique strengths and talents and those most sought after by employers.  Identify the roles and advantages of working in an effective team.
  • Project Management –  An introduction to the fundamentals of project management.  Learn the skills needed to manage a multi-million-dollar project or a DIY project at home.
  • Customer Service/Dissatisfied Customer – How to manage the customer experience, creating customers for life.  Learn how to provide exceptional customer service and how to turn a negative customer experience into a positive one.
  • Job Retention – Introduces job seekers to techniques designed to retain employment and overcome obstacles related to Work Ethic, Interpersonal Skills, and Customer Service.

What employment development classes do you offer?

Here’s a look at some of the employment development classes we offer:

  • Job Seeking Tools for Seasoned Professionals – Provides tips to seasoned job seekers on how to sell themselves and their wealth of knowledge and skills to employers.
  • Preparing for a Job Interview – Introduces job seekers to interview etiquette, professional attire and needed preparations such as, reliable transportation, extra resume copies and to plan for any traffic delays.
  • Virtual and Phone Job Interviews – Instructs on best practices for preparing for virtual and phone job interviews, from setting up equipment to the follow-up.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Development – How to write an effective and personalized resume and cover letter to set yourself up for a successful job search.

What does the class/training cost?

What does the class/training cost?

Nothing! It’s FREE due to the generosity of our community of Goodwill shoppers, donors and funders.

What are the requirements?

What are the requirements?

Participants must be 18 years of age, and have a career-related goal.

Do you provide transportation to classes?

Do you provide transportation to classes?

Goodwill does not provide transportation to class; however, our Career Centers are conveniently located on local bus routes.

How do I sign up?

How do I sign up?

For services in Amarillo please call (806) 331-6890 

For services in Lubbock please call (806) 744-0440

What are the Career Center Hours?

1904 Bell St. Amarillo, Tx

Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


6520 University Ave. Lubbock, TX

Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday & Thursday – 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Online Tutorials

Welcome! Goodwill has created and compiled useful tools and resources for individual practice or reference. For more information on receiving face-to-face training and assistance through our CRC program at no charge to the participant, call the CRC at 806.744.0440.

Typing Practice


How to use the Mouse


Practice Online Job Application


Digital Skills

From digital skills and job search assistance to essential on-the-job skills and employment enhancing  life skills, the Goodwill Community Foundation provides a variety of free online tutorials to assist you with 24/7 access through GCF Learn Free ( including: