Goodwill is a local nonprofit helping people overcome challenges, build skills, find jobs, & grow careers.


Goodwill is a local nonprofit empowering people to get jobs with higher earnings.


We Value Integrity

To have integrity means to always make decisions based on honesty. Integrity is necessary to be good stewards of the community.

We Value Inclusiveness

To have inclusiveness means to embrace diversity in all forms with respect and appreciation.  Inclusiveness is necessary to provide excellent service to the most people possible.

We Value Innovation

To have innovation means to always be looking for ways to improve. Innovation is necessary to keep our services relevant and our work fulfilling.

We Value Empathy.

To have empathy means to care about the obstacles others face.  Empathy is necessary to motivate us to serve our clients and community well.

Awards & Recognitions

Goodwill has received many awards over the years including the following: